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Old Cock – David gets lucky

David is visiting an old friend at the country side and in this scene he is going to bury his old cock in a hot pussy. When he arrives there a sexy babe is waiting him at the airport. Turns out that she is his friends daughter who came to pick him up because his friend had to take care of some business and he is going to be away for a couple of days. She is a pretty hot babe and a good company as it turns out.

She shows him the house and the around, because they are having a big ranch and she is taking care of everything alone. Even though David haven’t seen his old pal in the last two years, he is not missing his company anymore because this sexy piece of ass gets him distracted and she is very nice to him. He is convinced that she is nice to him only because her father asked her too, but as you are going to see, she actually wants to have sex with him.

In the evening she walks into his room asking if he needs anything, and she sits down on the couch asking David if he liked what he’s been seeing at their ranch. David tells her that she is very kind and nice,, and that he is feeling really good being there. At this point, she places her hand on his legs telling him that she will take care of him and he gets what she meant. She unzips his pants and takes out his hard cock, then he undresses her and slides his cock in the tight pussy. David makes sure to fuck her good and he is sure that in the morning she will want him to fuck her again! Enjoy watching the entire update and don’t forget that you can see other slutty teens getting nailed inside the www.casualteensex.org website! See you soon, friends!


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A fresh new video is going to amaze you big time so go ahead and have a look at it, right away. Get ready to see this amazing 69 position that will turn you on big time. You will see this hot babe getting rid of her clothes, exposing her gorgeous body and showing off those sexy legs of hers that are covered in some white stockings. She is more than thrilled to let you see how she is letting this guy shove his head between her legs.

Meanwhile she is also going to shove her head between his legs, grabbing his monster tool with her hands and starting to jerk off that erect boner. See how she is going to grab that cock and how she is going to start licking it, munching the whole tool with her eager lips. Enjoy all the action and get ready to see everything that is about to be revealed into this amazing video. See also the newest Team Skeet Video, to see what other things are about to be revealed here, into this super hot video.

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